Chambers Vale Tudo Self Defense Philadelphia

We specialize in a Vale Tudo ( Anything Goes/All-in ) form of self defense that strips down the unnecessary memorization of forms and Kata found in most martial arts. Our instruction relies on natural human responses to neutralize an attacker in a self defense situation.

We utilize a combination of techniques and concepts from various arts, that have been modified for real world applications, for both standing and groundfighting. Most importantly the concepts behind Chambers Vale Tudo allows individuals of any size, strength or athletic ability to quickly learn. This makes it a perfect fit for all ages including women, men and children.

Our focus is practical self defense for close quarter combat. Our curriculum covers all four ranges of fighting, but it has a focus on two in particular which are Trapping/Clinch Range and Grappling Range. We feel that a majority of real self defense scenarios take place within these ranges and often can cause the most harm and danger to ourselves and our loved ones.

The art of Jeet Kune Do (JKD)  plays a major role in our curriculum and the arts methodology and concepts encompasses both the physical and mental aspects of our realistic self defense training. Much like JKD itself, we take an integrated approach to grappling that consists of sensitivity in flowing with positioning, escapes, take-downs, throws, lockups and ground fighting from Catch Wrestling (Catch-as-catch-can), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Filipino Dumog, Submission Arts Wrestling (SAW,) Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW), Rough-and-Tumble and WWII combatives.

Our goal is to provide with the tools to survive deadly or harmful encounters while utilizing an anything goes approach to self defense.

Our instruction accommodates individuals with a variety of experience and fitness levels and teaches them efficient lifesaving techniques that are easy to learn, remember and replicate.