Chambers Vale Tudo & Martial Intelligence Method

The Delivery Method

The Martial Intelligence Method (MIM) was created by Allen Chambers to establish and translate the foundation and core philosophies of Martial Arts. It is a teaching platform that was developed to increase the comprehension, natural attributes and problem solving capabilities of each practitioner. The MIM is the delivery method used to enhance ones own personal development of Self Preservation and Self Perfection. MIM’s core is to develop and enhance the Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Foundation

Chambers Vale Tudo (CVT) is a systemized and progressive Methodology of Self Defense. The focus is on the efficiency and fluidity of core movements found within Striking, Weapons and Grappling. The unnecessary memorization of techniques, forms and Kata found in most martial arts, are reduced to their most important characteristics. This allows individuals of any size, strength or athletic ability to quickly learn and apply their natural human responses. Individuals develop the tools needed to recognize, neutralize and escape dangerous situations in the real world, while harnessing an "anything goes" approach.


  • Striking
  • Weapons
  • Grappling
These categories influence and overlap each other in training and live application. Meaning, you can find striking patterns within the weapon, weapons within grappling and grappling within striking and fitness in all. While they can be studied individually, the overlap and integration of each discipline is almost inseparable. While each can individually stand alone, their counterpart helps to enhance the whole. When all three disciplines are combined, they provide a Big Picture view of MIM, and the importance of developing each of these disciplines appears.


  • Functional Fitness
  • Mind Body Connection
  • The Arts
By adopting this process, students trigger the softer aspects of Martial training, which is the cultivation of knowledge and wisdom, strengthening and healing of the body, and augmenting ones will and spirit. Students are encouraged to pursue avenues of study, and adapt and create their own personal interpretations of martial arts. This approach creates, free thinking, and open minded individuals.

Two sides of the coin that share the same body. While one may focus on developing one vs the other; they miss the value, meaning, and totality of the entire piece.