This Association is united through an affiliation of like minded individuals focused on experimentation, innovation, and creation within the the science of martial arts and fitness.


We have developed a training protocol that lays out out our entire curriculum into four Units and Phases. Candidates have an opportunity to learn each Unit and Phase through private training or specialized seminars. Each Phase includes Theory, Concepts, Practical Application Drills, and Written and Physical Testing. Upon the completion and passing of an entire Unit or Phase as a Practitioner, there is an opportunity to apply as Training Group Leader or for Instructor level Certification.

Our certification program will make the process of teaching and training quicker and easier, while assuring that each person that becomes an instructor is fully capable and knowledgeable of all material. You can be assured that if someone is a certified in the arts and science as taught by Allen Chambers and The Martial Intelligence Method, they have been tested thoroughly and held to the highest standards. Our certification programs include rigorous training and testing with Master Instructors. We offer online and in-person private training, seminars and yearly instructors workshops.
*** Each candidate must also comply with all administrative rules of the association.


CVT Method is divided into modular units that focus on specialized training utilizing a stepped progression. They include the following:
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New Jersey Representative

Gary Powell - Group Leader

Ground Up Martial Arts
Central Jersey

European Representative

Vesa Turkki - Group Leader

Turkki Combatives
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pennsylvania - Bucks County

Todd Kupper - Group Leader

Keystone Dojo
809 Rozel Avenue
Southampton, PA 18966

Pennsylvania Representative

Angel Torres - Group Leader

Philadelphia, PA

"I believe that the only way to teach anyone proper self-defence is to approach each individual personally. Each one of us is different and each one of us should be taught the correct form. By correct form I mean the most useful techniques the person is inclined toward. Find his ability and then develop these techniques. I don't think it is important whether a side kick is performed with the heel higher than the toes, as long as the fundamental principle is not violated. Most classical martial arts training is a mere imitative repetition - a product - and individuality is lost." - Bruce Lee